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Report labels U.S. computer security "embarrassing" Wed Apr 29, 2009 3:28PM EDT See Comments (28)

Buzz up!on Yahoo!In his first days in office as President, Barack Obama ordered a report to be generated investigating the state of our "cybersecurity" infrastructure, concerned with how our computer networks could withstand threats from terrorism and other attacks. Now that report is in, and the results are sad, filled with terms like "broken," "childlike," and "embarrassing." The report and experts in the industry point to our antiquated approach to computer security as the primary reason for the rotten verdict: User names and passwords have been the basis for security protocols since the beginning of computing, and now experts are saying that method is simply obsolete, unable to compete with hackers who've long since figured out ways to steal or crack passwords on a massive scale. Already politicians are looking for ways to beef up the nation's security infrastructure. One noteworthy bill would give to the president the power to disconnect just about anyone -- government, business, or individual -- from the Internet in the event of a national computer security emergency. But naturally, the security industry would prefer to address the issue from a prevention standpoint rather than the blunt tactic of pulling the plug when an attack is detected. Those technologies include the use of token-based authentication (as with smart cards or code-generating gizmos that constantly change your password), biometrics, and other related tools. Meanwhile, attacks continue to arrive online from all fronts, not just consumer-level malware attacks that leave many users panicked and cost billions to clean up, but organized infiltrations into essential computer networks too, as was the case with the recent, well-publicized invasion into the national power grid earlier this month. The official government report will be formally opened up for review and comment by the public in the coming days.

Read my Chapter on The New Matrix and concluding reports from my book "A Second Life in Virtual Worlds." Such a simple book with easy terms I discuss all these furture security issues. And the new O/S that will be for the elite because of security issues. Of course the elite is government and banks.

April 8th

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Computer hackers have embedded software in the United States' electricity grid and other infrastructure that could potentially disrupt service or damage equipment, two former federal officials told CNN. "You'll have to read my book A Secondlife in Virtual Worlds to get what in short I have predicted about the computer age in the 21st century" I have discussed this very same issue that not to far off in the future a new O/S will be introduced for the very elite with strict portal calls. Though its easy reading it is a tell all of the future I write short and sweet and to the point. You can find my book at

The ex-officials say code also has been found in computer systems of oil and gas distributors. The code in the power grid was discovered in 2006 or 2007, according to one of the officials, who called it "the 21st century version of Cold War spying."


Everything I've said about the rise of crime on the internet is coming true. Dealing with Terrorist and China hackers. I will be writing updates on my book information soon. Also the April Fools worm is only a shadow of more worm's coming. These things are only some of the tools used to collect information.

Basic information from:, This month's is a outline of internet information you can get off the internet about PPL you are looking for or family members who what to hide information from you for covert reasons. Below is the beginnings of my first teaching it is true information about my late Step-Mother. Our study is how this information is attained. And you can get it for $7.50 or more depending how deep you want to go. Lining this document is not my concern the lesson comes as is

Lesson 1 Muriel R Calhoun

  • More Info DOB: 01/03/1908
  • AGE: 100 Years Old
  • Died Sept 9th 2008
  • SSI:531-70-5919
  • RELATIVES: Walter Calhoun Died Sept 28 1990
  • Address 1: 905 AARON DR #APT 319 LYNDEN, WA 98264 (360) 318-1550 Lynden, WA
  • See all addresses Avg. Income: $44,531
  • Avg. Home Value: $158,600 2 Muriel R Calhoun More Info
  • DOB: 01/03/1908 AGE: 100 Years Old
  • Address 1:
  • BELLINGHAM, WA 98225
  • (360) 647-0224
  • Incoorect Data not related
  • Address 2:
  • PO BOX 146
  • PABLO, MT 59855
  • (406) 675-4292
  • Address 3: 13 CLEVELAND #7 RONAN, MT 59864 (406) 675-4292
  • Pablo, MT Ronan, MT Tulelake, CA
  • See all addresses Avg. Income: $29,056
  • finding mixed data you will find that from this point on it was related to a joint account.

  • Questionable Data

  • Related to Son Jack Welch
  • Avg. Home Value: $7,055,000
  • 3 Muriel R Calhoun
  • More Info Address 1: LINCOLN ST BELLINGHAM, WA 98226
  • Other averages related tp past income
  • Bellingham, WA
  • Avg. Income: $44,100
  • Avg. Home Value: $108,030
  • In finding joint accounts you now have to search for the Son's assets by paying for more information. You will find his assets. Muriels was that at end of her life she made $44,531 per year with $158,600 in her joint account. But remember without the knowledge I had as a step son would you know she had a joint account with her real son Jack Welch

    Like with everything searching people information the colbert is looking for the SSI and correct address to use identity information. In this case the inheritance was used as a conditional Love. So said person had to dig into information to find out the real accessment of situation sense she hid all her information in a colvert and revengeful way not liking my spouse. Often this is what adopted children have to face sense in some cases they are considered a charitable assets.

    Lesson 2

    Death records

    Muriel R. Calhoun, age 100, died at the Christian Health Care Center in Lynden on Tuesday, September 9. Muriel was the daughter of John and Elma Belford and was born in Bellingham on January 3, 1908. She grew up in Bellingham and then moved to California where she married Walter Calhoun in 1945. They returned to Bellingham in 1946. A home maker, Muriel enjoyed bowling and had been a member of the Order of Eastern Star. She was preceded in death by her husband Walter in 1990 and is survived by her son Jack (Twila) Welch of Ferndale; four grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Graveside services will be conducted on Friday, September 12, at 2:00 p.m. in Greenacres Memorial Park. Memorials in Muriel's name may be made to the Christian Health Care Center, 855 Aaron Dr., Lynden, WA. 98264. You are invited to share your memories of Muriel by signing the online guest book at Services are under the care of Gillies Funeral Home& Cremation Servicesof Lynden

    Lesson 3

  • Her Sons name is: Jack Welch His Wife Twila Welch
  • They live on Pole Road in Ferndale Washington. Do to economics the accessment of $7,055,000 house value would be much less. They are still alive I leave you with this for your Final Test. Do as I have said and you will find the same alleged information.

    Jacks Son's and Daughter

    Bob Welch

    Patty Johnson: works Temp GP Refinery Cherry Point Washington

    John Welch: work GP Refinery Manager Cherry Point Washington, Refinery manager positon over 20 years

    Dick Welch:Disabled Veteran

    END of Lesson